Research and Innovation Approach at DES Pune University

Deccan Education Society (DES) has the legacy of about 139 years, and is a harbinger in disseminating education. DES has created generations who contributed to the national growth since the pre-independence era. Taking inspiration from this glorious legacy, and considering the pivotal role of knowledge creation, DES Pune University (DES PU) is committed to inculcating the culture of research and innovation. In the era of the 21st century this initiative can play an important role shaping the future of humanity and demanding challenges. DES PU aims to foster the Research with holistic approach coupled with ancient Indian wisdom that is going to contribute for the future exploration. We strive to integrate this exploratory culture into the education that is a genuine attempt to tap the enormous potential of young aspiring minds.

Synthesis of a new knowledge has pushed humanity to evolve and in the modern era it directly influences the economical state of a nation. To join hands in the development of the global stage, DES PU aspires to create a research ecosystem where the top researchers in the chosen fields will find it attractive to work and conduct their respective research. The new university will be multidisciplinary having Engineering, Science, Mathematics, Humanities, Social Sciences, Art, Design and Allied Programs. The motto “ज्ञानानुसन्धाने” or “In Pursuit of Knowledge” reflects our commitment towards transforming from Knowledge Delivery Institution to Knowledge Generation University. Highly qualified reputed researchers, state-of-art infrastructure and the strong financial support will be a boon that will enable DES PU to establish the world class research ecosystem. With the emphasis on multidisciplinary research culture, DES PU has decided to create the research institutes in Life Sciences, Indian Knowledge System, and Cyber-Physical Systems. Addressing the streams of India-centric modern research, these institutes will pave the way for research of international significance. Omnidirectional education with multidisciplinary research culture will prove to be a powerhouse for nurturing human potential that is in accordance with the ethos of National Education Policy 2020.
DES Pune University plans to have following three research institutes.