School Of Humanities & Social Sciences

School of Humanities And Social Sciences

The school offers programmes curated to cultivate intellectual curiosity, critical thinking and a strong theoretical foundation integrating contemporary knowledge with Indian Knowledge Systems. With a diverse faculty, engaging discussions, and a nurturing environment, the school offers undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in Psychology and Economics, and elective courses in English Studies, Administration, Governance and Development Studies.


To be a dynamic hub of Indian Knowledge Systems and contemporary academic exploration within the Humanities and Social Sciences and foster a global community of enlightened and culturally rooted thinkers.


  • To blend the wisdom of Indian Knowledge Systems with contemporary methodologies, nurturing students who engage in interdisciplinary study to unravel the complexities of the modern world while staying deeply connected to their cultural heritage.
  • To be committed to societal progress, we strive to empower students with analytical tools and historical insights to comprehend and influence the changing dynamics of society by creating agents of positive transformation.
  • To cultivate cross-cultural conversations and research collaborations, we aim to shape future leaders who navigate the complexities of an interconnected world.